What is a “Same-Day Edit Video”?

If you haven’t experienced a same-day edit video before, you’re in for quite a treat! At events, conferences, and weddings, we film and edit our footage on-site to show a highlight film at the end of the day–yes, the same day, hence the name! Imagine dimming the lights and gathering together with all of your guests as the music starts and the video plays…seeing the behind-the-scenes moments, highlights of the day, and things you may have missed yourself! We put a same-day edit video together at the very first wedding we filmed, and I guess you could say we’re now hooked. It can definitely be a lot of stress with the time crunch, but it’s so rewarding when you and your guests see your film for the first time and get to relive amazing moments that happened just hours before!

Katie and Chase watching their same day edit at their wedding reception

Katie & Chase watching their same-day edit – photo by Tim Willoughby, www.timwill.com

What if I’m not good in front of a camera?

Our goal is to be as discreet and unnoticeable as possible. This isn’t a performance on your part. We always tell people that we’re there to capture your day, not produce it. We film from a documentary and artistic perspective, so you can just be yourself and not worry about don’t have to be good in front of the camera, you just have to be you!

How much will it cost?

Pricing varies per project and we’ve found it’s best to schedule a call, Skype, or meeting to learn more about your project or event and go from there! Please contact us for more info or to schedule a time to chat!

Do you travel?

We LOVE to travel and are fortunate that all of our gear is very mobile. We’re quite fond of road trips and we’ve also flown successfully thanks to Brent’s ingenuity with packing. We do not increase the price of our packages for travel; all we ask is to be reimbursed for our travel costs which typically include driving or flight/car rental, hotel, food, and parking.

What kinds of cameras do you use?

Our primary cameras are all Canon DSLRs. Depending on the event, location, etc. we will shoot with different Canon DSLRs as well as some niche cameras made by DJI, Sony, and GoPro.

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